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Solution of HC Verma concept of Physics part 1 and Part 2 are given here. HC Verma solutions for the Students who solves HC Verma Books.

We have added Chapter Wise Solution of HC Verma.HC Verma Books is refered to the students who are studying in Class 11th and 12th .

HC Verma book help students to crack exams like IITJEE , AIPMT and Many Competitive entrance exam.HC verma book contains wide range of questions varing difficulty level.

Often while solving the book students might have some problems ,so every students who is using HC Verma book needs Solutions of HC Verma.

So we are Uploading Solutions of HC Verma Concept of physics Part 1 And Part 2.

HC Verma Solution Part 1 -

HC Verma Solution part 1 consists 22 chapters .This part covers physics syllabus of class 11th. Students of class 11th who is preparing for competitive exam can prefer HC verma Soluton of Concpet part 1.

HC Verma Solution Part 2 -

HC Verma Solution part 2 consists 25 chapters .This part covers physics syllabus of class 12th. Students of class 12th who is preparing for competitive exam can prefer HC verma Soluton of Concpet part 2.

Here We are Attaching Both Part 1 and Part 2 Solution--

HC VERMA Solution for Part 1 HC VERMA Solution for Part 2
Physics and Mathematics Heat & Temperature
Rest and Motion : Kinematics Kinetic Theory Of Gases
The Forces Calorimetry
Newton's Law Of Motions Laws Of Thermodynamics
Friction Specific Heat Capacities of Gases
Circular Motion Heat Transfer
Work and Energy Electric Field and Potential
Centre of Mass,Linear Momentum Collision Gauss's Law
Rotational Mechanics Capacitors
Gravitation Electric Current in Conductors
Some Mechanical Properties of Matter Electric Current
Waves Motion and Waves on a String Magnetic Field
Sound Waves Magnetic Field Due to Current
Light Waves Permanent Magnets
Geometrical Optics Magnetic Properties of Matter
Optical Instruments Electromagnetic Induction
Dispersion and Spectra Alternating Current
Speed of Light Electromagnetic Waves
Photometry Electric Current Through Gases
. Photoelectric Effect
  Bohr's Theory and Physics of Atom
  Semiconductor and Semiconductor's Devices
  The Nucleus
  Special Theory of Relativity

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